How to Fix Microsoft Access Error 35012 - Access Database File Error

Resolve Error 35012

Can't access your MS Access database files? 35012 Error in the database? If so, this blog will help you fix this error. In this blog, we will also discuss Microsoft Access error 35012, its causes and methods to fix this unexpected error from the database file. So let's start with what this error actually means.

What is Error 35012?

This is an error that arises in Microsoft Access which mainly comes while the user trying to import the database file from one version to another. This error stops users to perform such operations in their files & if the user imports it from one to another version that it results in inaccessibility of the file or some time it may get corrupted. Let us know what are the root causes for arising this error.

Causes For Microsoft Access Error 35012

There are many reasons for corruption in MS Access, such as hardware errors, software errors, viruses and malware, insufficient memory and much more. Here is the main cause of this error when transporting the MS Access file.

MS Access 35012 arises due to damage in the forms or reports. Users try to import the contents of the database from one to the other. Doing so will damage forms and reports in the database file. Because of these problems, the file can no longer be imported from one version to another.

Resolve Access Database File Error with Backup Recovery

This is an immediate and very common way to protect your data from such errors. If you have regularly updated data, you can restore your database file from there at no additional cost.

With this copy of the backup file, you can put it in a new database file where you can access all of the database records.

Fix Error Using Access in-built Utility

A built-in Microsoft Access utility is used to remove basic Access database file error in MS Access. Here are the steps for using the Compact & Repair utility.

  • Open Access Database. Make sure that the file is not open to any location.
  • Click on Database Tools.
  • Now, click on Compact & Repair

After this, working is in process wait for the result. This utility also works when the Access Database file is not open.

Proficient Way To Resolve Microsoft Access Error 35012

The manual methods described above are not enough to fix errors every time. For the time your database is badly damaged or cannot be resolved using these methods, we have an expert option that will definitely work for the error. The Access Database Recovery Tool provides a user-friendly interface for beginners, with which anyone can easily repair their database files. This utility is not only capable of recover corrupted MS Access files but can also resolve its errors including Error 35012. Below are given some utilities of the software which make it best to use:

  • It can retrieve damaged, corrupted & encrypted files in MS Access.
  • This software allows recovering deleted objects like table, macros, forms, etc.
  • It also provides the ability to get the database file with or without schema.
  • Supports all the versions of MS Access
  • Additional option to convert MDB or ACCDB files to CSV format.

Some Related Errors Which Can Be Fixed via Recovery Tool

This tool can resolve Access database file error that arises in Microsoft Access including Microsoft Access Error 35012.

Some of the errors which mainly arises are given below:

  • Error 3049 (Cannot Access Database filename.mdb)
  • Error 3011 (JDE Do Not Find The Object)
  • Error 3197 (JDE Stopped)
  • Error 2239 (File needs to be repaired)
  • Error 80004005 (JDE Cannot Open the File)
  • Error 35012 (Unexpected Error)


After many difficulties due to errors like Microsoft Access Error 35012. Today we discussed and provided a simple solution to one of these errors. We also recommend an automated solution to make your database file free of corruption. Hope this information will be helpful for you.

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