MS Office DOCX Repair

It is an effective, reliable and user-friendly software for fixing corrupted DOCX files and recovers data. It can work on all Office versions 2007/2010/2013/2016

Perfect Solution To Repair & Reover Corrupt DOCX files

  • Extract Images and Save separately after removing errors
  • Save healthy file in two ways: DOCX and RTF format
  • MS Office installation not necessary for DOCX File Recovery
  • No changes to data in repairing multiple pages in a .docx file
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and earlier

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DOCX Repair: Fixes corruption & Recover Word DOCX Files

The MS Word DOCX File Repair Tool is an advanced algorithm designed to remove any and all errors fro a Word document. It can retrieve lost, deleted or missing data with 100% accuracy. There are no changes made even to the formatting or the styling of the Word document. The DOCX recovery software analyses and verifies file structure before fixing corrupt DOCX files. The damage can be from an infection caused by a virus, trojan or a malware. It can also be caused by some damage to the coding in which the file was saved. The Microsoft Office DOCX Repair can remove any kind of major issue with the Word document. It allows a user to save recovered data and images separately in a healthy format.

Word DOCX Document Repair Tool Advanced Features

Repair corrupted docx file

Remove Corruption Errors

The Office DOCX Repair software built to work on a corrupt/damaged/infected Document(X) file and repair it for corruption free word .docx. This works with all latest versions of Windows 10/8.1 /8/7/XP or Vista for both 32 and 64-bit machines. The code is designed to remove all errors from multiple pages of a file.

Recover MDB file tables

Recover Damaged Document

The advanced word .docx file repair tool can get back any data lost or missing due to some issue. It displays the entire text and displays it for the user to see. It is up to the user to save the extracted document anywhere on the system. The healthy file can be recovered easily using this application.

Items Preview

Save as RTF or DOCX Format

There are two ways to save the healthy output using this Advanced Word Repair DOCX tool. One is to extract and store text in MS Office DOCX format and the other is the RTF format. The images are stored separately in a different folder. The algorithm works with any of the Word 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 versions.

Selected Items Exported

3 Steps to corrupt DOCX File Recovery

The application has three ways to remove errors from a document and fix any issues within:

  • Analyze complete document data
  • Verify file structure of Word file
  • Fix DOCX file with total accuracy

CSV or MDB format

No Data Changes or Loss

The .docx repair software makes sure that there are no changes in the output format. Even the styling like bold, font family, hyperlinks remain the same. Data integrity is maintained while recovering crucial information. There is no need to have Office installed on the Windows PC to use this tool.

Save Database with Schema

Simple Functions and Interface

The algorithm is designed to be used by any regular user with no technical expertise. It has simple features which can be accessed from a single panel. The word document repair docx has an easy-to-use interface. It can restore data from all the pages from a Word document with just click of a few buttons.

DOCX File Repair Software

DOCX Repair

Size 1.7 MB

Version 3.5

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Note:To export and use the recovered database must go with license version of the tool.


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DOCX Recovery Tool Screenshots

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DOCX Corruption Errors

Remove Errors from MS Office Word Document File 2007/2010/2013/2016

Following are some of the common issues faced by users while accessing or reading their DOCX file:

  • ‘Windows can't find .docx file’: This error message is encountered when an individual tries to directly open a DOCX file directly from attachment. It is caused by incompatible Office packs. It enables a user to download a document in order to read it.
  • ‘The file abc.docx cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents’: There may be some kind of corruption or damage to the file. In this case, one can benefit from using DOCX File Repair tool to retrieve important data.
  • Error 8004005: The Microsoft Jet Database Engine cannot open the file '(unknown)'
  • ‘Word cannot open the file because the file format does not match the file extension’: This can happen if the extension of a .doc file is changed to .docx. In opening the file in on Word 2010 and later versions, this error is generated.
  • ‘This file is not in a recognizable format.’: This indicates data corruption in the sector/partition/drive or system where the file is saved. It can be resolved using the DOCX Recovery program.
  • Error 3022: The changes you requested to the table were not successful because they would create duplicate values in the index, primary key, or relationship
  • The Visual Basic for Applications Project in the database is corrupt
  • Microsoft Office Access has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • An "Invalid Page Fault..." error (not necessarily a corrupt database issue)
  • Record is deleted
  • Operation invalid without current index

Frequently Asked Questions

How MS Office DOCX Recovery Tool removes errors from corrupt DOCX files?
Here are the steps listed below to restore crucial data from a document having problems:
  • First, download and install the DOCX File Recovery utility.
  • Then, add the .docx document having errors.
  • Next, select the ‘Save As’ type between DOCX and RTF format.
  • Then, set a location to where the output file will be saved.
  • Finally, click on ‘Recovery’ button to remove Word file errors.
To know working of Microsoft DOCX recovery Tool you may click on How it Works
Can the application work on Windows Server 2008 machine?
Yes, the product is compatible with Windows server machine 2008 and 2012 version.
Can the utility remove error ‘This file is corrupt and cannot be opened’ in Word 2010?
Yes, the DOCX File Recovery tool is built to remove any kind of error including this one.
What is the difference between the full and the free version of this product?
With the free version of MS Office DOCX Repair Tool, one can preview extracted data. To save a healthy file in DOCX/RTF format, the full version is needed.
Is Word 2007 installation required to use this application?
Yes, Word installation is necessary for using this product. It can be of any version 2007 and later one.
What is the maximum file size limitation to use the DOCX Repair tool?
There is no file size limitation implemented by the software of any kind. Upload and fix a document of any size with any number of pages.

DOCX Recovery Software's Client Reviews

Peggy Thomas, Nairobi


‘I had my thesis saved on an external drive that recently corrupted. I was able to recover some of the files including .docx document that failed to open. I tried many manual methods but to no avail. Some just retrieved text which garbage values which were of no use to me. This is when I tried the DOCX File Recovery software to restore complete data accurately.’

Frederick Norman, Zimbabwe


‘There was a problem with my Outlook some time back. I could not open DOCX files directly from the email client. I tried this product that was recommended by a former client to remove Docx file errors. It extracted and saved useful text and images in minutes. It even allowed me to preview the data before restoring it.’

Chris Owen, Kenya


‘I have customers sending me back .docx files saying that they cannot open it in Word 2010. I was having lots of problems sharing documents and important data. I tried the DOCX Repair program to remove errors on my Windows PC. Now, my customers can open and read documents that I send them.’

Virgil Kelly, Australia


‘What was salvaged from my computer after a recent crash were some documents that had misplaced data. I was able to retrieve all my files using the DOCX File Repair utility. It has simple functions that were very easy-to-use. I tried the free version and immediately loved it. I bought the full version so that I can use it for my business.’