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Free Tool to Open and read MS Access MDB/ACCDB Database created on Microsoft Access 2016/2013/2010/2007/2005/2003/2000 and all below MS Office Access Versions.

Perfect Solution to View Corrupt Access Database Files

  • Repair & Previews Access Database tables, macros, forms, reports, etc.
  • Microsoft Access Database Installation not required
  • Quickly scans both MS Access MDB/ACCDB files
  • Free Tool to Open, View, Sort, Filter Access database files records
  • Easy Installation on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and below Win OS

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MS Access Database Viewer


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MS Access Database Viewer: ACCDB/MDB File Opener to Read Records

Microsoft ACCDB Viewer is a reliable solution to open & read Access database files that will help you to quickly analyze corrupt access database contents. MS Access viewer is a powerful free tool to repair corrupt ACCDB/MDB files and preview the original records present within Microsoft Access files. This free Access file reader tool repairs corrupt data into healthy format and previews whole records after a quick Scan.

Free MS Access Viewer 2016 Tool’s Unbeatable Feature


Quick Scan Mode

Quick Scanning of selected MDB or ACCDB files and instantly previews MS Access database records. No file size limit, so one can easily open any size of Access database files.

Preview Records

Preview Corrupt Access Data

This Microsoft Access Database Viewer programmed to deeply scan and preview corrupt ACCDB/MDB files too. It doesn’t matter whether there is minor or major corruption.

Access Viewer

Standalone Alone Utility

No need to install Microsoft Access to open & read MDB or ACCDB Database files. MS Access File Viewer is a standalone program that doesn’t require any external utility to open MDB/ACCDB Files.

Double Panel Interface

Double Panel Preview

MDB Viewer Tool previews complete records of selected Access files within software’s panel. In which tables are listed left side of panel and data within the table are listed in right Panel.

MS Access Supported

Supported MS Access Versions

MS Access viewer is a freeware software that supports both old and new format MDB/ ACCDB files created on Microsoft Access Database 2016/2013/2010/2007/ 2003 and below version.

Windows Compatiblity

Compatibility With OS

This MDB File Opener Software is a big package in small size, that can be easily installed on Win 10/8.1/8/7(32bit & 64bit), Windows Server 2008/2010 Operating System.

Access MDB Viewer

Access viewer

Size 1.7 MB


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Software Requirement


Free Access Database Viewer VS PRO

Features Free Upgrade to Pro
Add Access (.mdb/.accdb) File
Browse Destination Path
Preview Corrupt MDB/ACCDB Files
Preview MS Access File
Windows 10 & All Below Windows Version Supported
Save or Export Database File
  Download Upgrade

Free MDB Opner Tool

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to open MDB Files without installing Microsoft Access?
Now its easy to open and view MS Access files records without installing Microsoft Access. To open MDB file view, follow steps:
  • Download and Install Access Database Viewer
  • Click on Browse button to select MDB/ACCDB files
  • Now Click on View button to start scanning process.
  • Access ACCDB/MDB opener tool will preview all the tables with records in left panel.

Now you can easily read and analyze content within Access Database files

To know more How MDB password works click on: How it Works
Is MS Office Access Database viewer capable to repair corrupt Files?
Yes, this MDB ACCDB viewer is programmed so efficiently that it can easily repair and preview corrupt Access Database files.
Does this software capable to open multiple Access files at a time?
No, Access file reader will open a single file at a time so that data integrity remains unaffected. But you can easily open and view each MDB /ACCDB file one by one. As there is no such limitation.
What if I want to export recovered MS Access ACCDB File data?
No need to worry,you can upgrade to pro version of Access Database Viewer to export all the recovered ACCDB File data.
IS Access Database Viewer completely free or I have to pay for viewing data?
Access Viewer is completely a free tool for reading and analyzing MDB/ACCDB file data.

Client Review ACCDB File Viewer Software

Zhao, China


Got to know about Access Viewer Tool Pro bundle verion. Thanks, I got MS Office Recovery (Word Repair+Excel+XLSX Recovery+DOCX Repair) and also Upgraded to Pro Version in just $199. Limited period offer is given there. Have a look on Buy Bundle pro version.

John D, Washington


I got an ACCDB file from one of my business partners to view some of our sale data. But I don’t have MS Access database installed on my system. He recommended me this ACCDB/MDB Viewer Tool to open and analyze Records present within Access database file. As this Tool is completely free of cost to read both MDB and ACCDB files, I might recommend everyone to have this utility installed on their system.

Devu, India


I have MS Access on my PC, however, wish to move the ACCDB file to a network location to allow other network users to have access to it. Unfortunately, a few of the other users do not have MS Access installed on their system and they were unable to open that File. In such situation, this ACCDB File Reader free download helped them to open MS Access Database file to view and analyze records.

Adalbert, Germany


At first, I thought Access MDB viewer software is MDB specific, but later I found that it was more than that even ACCDB files were supported and I was also able to open corrupt MDB/ACCDB files in this Access Database opener tool. Being a freeware was just a plus point and now reading Access database without MS Access is also possible. All over a Great free Stuff!!!