Access MDB Password Reset

Access MDB password reset software quickly recovers lost or forgotten passwords set to any MDB file created with MS Access 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, and 97.

Perfect Solution to Recover MS Access Database Password

  • Precisely Recovers and Reset MS Access MDB Password
  • Brute-force Attack Technique to decipher MDB file Multilingual Password
  • Single Panel Interface for Quick Password Recovery
  • Compatiblity with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000

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MS Access Password


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Access Password Recovery Tool: An Instant Solution

Access Password Unlocker Tool is an ideal solution that implements the most advanced password recovery technologies developed to decipher & recover MS database password. MDB password cracker enables user to unlock access database passwords which was lost or forgotten. To recover password with Access password recovery master an individual perform three steps recovery procedure. The software is programmed with single panel to use that even a non-technical user can unlock password within few clicks.

MDB Password Reset tool's Amazing Features

Recover Access Password

Retrieve MS Access File Password

This Access database password recovery tool provides you with a multitude of choices to easily crack down your lost Access MDB password using the most efficient recovery procedure. No changes are made while recovering passkey.

locate access password

Locate Password Protected File

The Access Password recovery software incorporates a ‘Browse' feature to find and attach MDB files from the system. This saves considerable time to go through and filter each folder in your drive to locate the password-protected file.

Crack typical password

Crack Typical Password

With the help of MDB password recovery tool, the user can easily retrieve any type of password. Even password created using a special character or multilingual password or lengthy typical password can be easily restored within few clicks.

technique to reset access password

Brute-Force Attack Technique

The Access Password recovery software is driven by efficient algorithms to extract MDB password by following a Brute-force Attack mechanism to try out every possible character combination. And complexity does not affect recovery time.

Simple password

Easy Single Panel Interface

MDB Password Recovery process to unlock MS Access Password goes under a single panel interface. Now, user with less technical knowledge can also operate this Microsoft Access database password unlocker utility easily.

Windows Compatiblity

Compatible with MS Access Version

Access MDB password remover tool supports MS Access versions 95 / 97 / 2000 / 2002 / 2003 / 2007. To restore user need not worry about versions of MS Access database only one thing the user needs the password protected MDB file.

Access Database Password Recovery Tool

Access Password Recovery

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Add access mdb Database File
Copy Password
Open Selected MS Access Database
Windows 10 & All Below Windows Version Supported
Unlock & Recover Complex Passwords
Copy & Open MS Access File Copy First 2 Characters Only Copy All Characters of Password
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Access Password Recovery Tool

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to recover lost Access Password with MDB Password Recovery?
Follow below steps to crack MDB file password:
  • Download and Install Access Password Recovery Tool
  • To recover, Browse and Select the MDB database file
  • As, soon you Click on Open button, new screen dispaly forgotten MDB Password has been recovered.
  • Now Click on 'Copy Password' and Press Ctrl+V to paste password at location.
To know more How MDB password works click on: How it Works
Is it possible to reset MS Access database file password using MDB Password Recovery Tool?
No, This MS Access password unlocker returns the original lost password. User, can easily set new password after recovering the forgotten passkey.
Do Access database password recovery software recover alphanumeric password?
Yes, MS Access Password cracker scans and recover any kind of critical as well as multilingual passwords.
IS free mdb password recovery software capable to recover corrupt Access database?
No, to recover corrupt MS Access database you need our Access Recovery Tool.
Does Access MDB Password finder recovers ACCDB File Password?
No, MDB password recovery tool only find .mdb file password. But, user can easily convert ACCDB file to MDB and then can easily recover lost password.
Is there any chance of loss of data while recovering lost password?
No,.mdb database files not get affected while recovering forgotten password with Access Password cracker.

Client Review Access Password Recovery Tool

Russel, South Africa


Got to know about Access Password Recovery Tool bundle verion. Thanks, I got MS Access Recovery Tool and MDB Password Reset both by paying just 49$. Limited period offer is given there. Have a look on Buy Bundle pro version.

Joel Mag, USA


I had an access mdb file protected with a password by one of my administrator who was no longer present in our organization. It was urgent for us to recover the password protected MDB file. This MDB password unlocker helps us to recover old MS Access database.

RajKumar Yelgu, India


For providing security to MS Access Database i alloted a password to MDB file but due to suddenly a corruption error i lost my access password. Now the password which I remembered was not working. One of my friend suggest me to track lost mdb file password with Access password recovery Tool. This tool returns the original password successfully.

Martin Nissen, Brazil


I recovered my original lost MDB file password with Access password unlocker, this tool works very efficiently and within no time recover password protected Access database file. MDB Password recovery tool works like a magic, the password recovered was created using multiple special character.

Andrei, Russia


The best part of this Access Password recovery software is very easy to use and can be installed on any Windows OS, I was also facing such situations where I need to recover access database password and the tool within no time scan and decipher the MDB password. Found this tool very useful.