How to Export Access Database to Excel

  1. Follow to ExportDownLoad and Install Access to Excel Converter

    Click On Browse

    access to excel
  2. Select Corrupt MDB File and Click on 'Open'
    open mdb file
  3. Click on the Recover button to detect the condition of the file before beginning its conversion.
    recover mdb file
  4. Click on Finish after the recovery of MS Access database has been performed.
    live progress report
  5. Recovered table can be seen in the software panel by clicking on the table name. Click on 'Export':
    recovered mdb data
  6. Browse the destination path for saving the recovered database. Click on 'Browse':
    Browse Destination Path
  7. Now export the recovered Access database in Excel format file accordingly, after choosing the export option. Click on 'Export':
    Export Location
  8. The status bar shows the process of conversion in percentage.
    Conversion completes
  9. An Export detail summary will appear on screen showing the table exported to MS Excel. Click on 'OK':
    Summary report
  10. Exit from the application and click Yes on the notification window displayed by the software:
    Application Closed
  11. View the complete report of the converted database.
    Recovered data